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Customers Who Depend on WinSPC


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Ask The Expert & Tech Talk

Control Charts Illuminate Changes for Investigation and Improvement | Quality Insight

Control charts provide a data driven view of your process. This promotes action based on evidence and reduces changes driven by worker observations of outputs that might not be relevant or significant. (more…)
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How Do I Choose the Appropriate Type of Control Chart? | Ask the Expert

Proper control chart selection is critical to realizing the benefits of Statistical Process Control. (more…)
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How Do I Set Up WinSPC to Get Data on a Timed Basis? | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

WinSPC timed data collection can reduce labor time associated with collecting data. (more…)
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Prioritizing Prevention | Ask the Expert

While enormous dollars are spent reacting to problems, taking a top-down view of the production system can reveal sources of scrap, rework and other inefficiencies. (more…)
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Flexible WinSPC Configurations: What Works Best For You? | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

WinSPC can be configured for optimal use in practically any production or inspection set up. (more…)
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What is a Standard Deviation and How Do I Compute It? | Ask the Expert

It’s not subjective: Because it’s an objective measure of variation, standard deviation is an essential statistical tool for increasing quality. (more…)
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Quality at Any Cost? | Quality Insight

In an ever-competitive global marketplace, it's more important than ever to develop systematic means to measure and manage costs of quality, which reflect business improvement opportunities. (more…)
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How Do I Test My Data for Normality? | Ask the Expert

Before applying statistical methods that assume normality, it is necessary to perform a normality test on the data. (more…)
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The Difference Between WinSPC Subgroup Size, Subrange Size, and Sample Size | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

What is the difference between subgroup size, subrange size, and sample size in WinSPC? You will find the answer to that question in this article. (more…)
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Justifying the Cost of a Quality Improvement System | Quality Insight

You've identified a new system that will improve quality. Now, you need to show management a compelling financial ROI and get buy-in. Here's how to gain support for your proposal. (more…)
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Companies Who Select WinSPC

Sightline Vision Systems with Integrated Real-Time SPC

100% inspection of your products is much easier to implement than you might expect. (more…)
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Spectrometer Producer Applies SPC to Processes

A spectrometer producer installed WinSPC to leverage existing data collection systems, achieve quality improvements, and improve cross-company understanding of production. (more…)
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Medical Device Manufacturer Adds WinSPC Statistical Process Control

A medical device manufacturer installed WinSPC to get insight into its processes. (more…)
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Saving Money and Time With SPC: Arkwright Inc.

Real-time SPC saves time for both quality control and engineering personnel. "What used to take three days takes one afternoon," said one process engineer. (more…)
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Fluid Tank Supplier Delivers Critical Temp Change Alerts to Line Operators

A large player in the fluid tank industry has installed WinSPC to prevent quality issues with preventative alerts on a critical aspect of the process. (more…)
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Nutrition-Focused Bakery Digitizes Bread Production Process

A bread company which has made public statements of intent to increase nutrition levels has installed WinSPC. The company uses the system to see charts that uncover interrelation between process factors. (more…)
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Medical Firm Delivers Safe Precision Surgery Tools with help of Manufacturing Intelligence Software

A sizeable manufacturer of surgery equipment is using a manufacturing intelligence application by DataNet Quality Systems to help consistently deliver safe precision surgical instruments. (more…)
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Company Improves SECAR Control Room Panel with Visual WinSPC Production Alerts­­­

A manufacturing company that processes minerals has equipped its production leadership with live summary views. (more…)
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Marietta Hospitality Chooses WinSPC to Automate FDA Compliance Efforts

Marietta Hospitality is using WinSPC to deliver safe soaps and shampoos at a high quality. (more…)
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Candy Company Digitizes Scale Weights, Gets Insight Into Overfill Problems

Reducing product giveaway is a goal of this large-scale producer, and candy weights are charted to help the company better understand the nature of overfill problems. (more…)
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DataNet News & Releases

Virtual WinSPC Administrator Training Class

Virtual WinSPC Administrator Training delivers the complete WinSPC Administrator Class curriculum in a formalized online environment using GoToMeeting and your favorite web browser.  The class is structured to replicate the full experience of an in-person training at our Southfield training...
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Wishing You a Wildly Successful Year Ahead

We remain thankful and appreciative of our customers, our partners, and all of you in the WinSPC community. While this last year offered more than its fair share of challenges, we optimistically wish you a super healthy, happy and wildly...
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WinSPC 9.0.12 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.12 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.11 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.11 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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SPC Fundamentals | Video

Statistical Process Control, commonly referred to as SPC, is a method for monitoring, controlling and, ideally, improving a process through statistical analysis. This video contains an introduction to SPC strategies you can use to improve your processes. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.10 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.10 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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Sightline Vision Systems with Integrated Real-Time SPC

100% inspection of your products is much easier to implement than you might expect. (more…)
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Setting Up to Capture Data in WinSPC: The Basics | WinSPC Video

Setting up a live digital Quality system to collect data may not be as hard as you think. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.9 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.9 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.8 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.8 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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