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Customers Who Depend on WinSPC


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Ask The Expert & Tech Talk

Turning Manufacturing Quality into a Competitive Advantage

During recent decades, manufacturer and consumer expectations for product quality have continued to creep higher and higher. A world of customers on the always-connected internet has contributed greatly to this awareness. (more…)
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Control Charts Illuminate Changes for Investigation and Improvement | Quality Insight

Control charts provide a data driven view of your process. This promotes action based on evidence and reduces changes driven by worker observations of outputs that might not be relevant or significant. (more…)
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How Do I Choose the Appropriate Type of Control Chart? | Ask the Expert

Proper control chart selection is critical to realizing the benefits of Statistical Process Control. (more…)
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How Do I Set Up WinSPC to Get Data on a Timed Basis? | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

WinSPC timed data collection can reduce labor time associated with collecting data. (more…)
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Prioritizing Prevention | Ask the Expert

While enormous dollars are spent reacting to problems, taking a top-down view of the production system can reveal sources of scrap, rework and other inefficiencies. (more…)
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Flexible WinSPC Configurations: What Works Best For You? | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

WinSPC can be configured for optimal use in practically any production or inspection set up. (more…)
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What is a Standard Deviation and How Do I Compute It? | Ask the Expert

It’s not subjective: Because it’s an objective measure of variation, standard deviation is an essential statistical tool for increasing quality. (more…)
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Quality at Any Cost? | Quality Insight

In an ever-competitive global marketplace, it's more important than ever to develop systematic means to measure and manage costs of quality, which reflect business improvement opportunities. (more…)
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How Do I Test My Data for Normality? | Ask the Expert

Before applying statistical methods that assume normality, it is necessary to perform a normality test on the data. (more…)
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The Difference Between WinSPC Subgroup Size, Subrange Size, and Sample Size | WinSPC Tips & Tricks

What is the difference between subgroup size, subrange size, and sample size in WinSPC? You will find the answer to that question in this article. (more…)
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Companies Who Select WinSPC

Common Mistakes Made by New Quality Managers

Getting promoted at work may be the realization of a dream. You struggle, fighting tooth and nail until you get the recognition you deserve. However, many aspiring managers think less about the difficulties in succeeding in this job. (more…)
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Staying LEAN – Why LEAN needs SPC

In the quest to eliminate every NVA, some go too far. Why going LEAN doesn't mean living without the insight afforded by process monitoring. (more…)
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The Box Matters – An inside look at the Carton Industry | Quality Insight

The Complete Package  It’s not what’s in the box that matters to the carton industry…it is the box. Carton manufacturers need cartons that don’t fail on packaging lines, that meet precise color and printing requirements, and that have the right...
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Every Stitch Matters – An inside look at the Carpet Industry | Quality Insight

From the First to the Final Stitch  If you have bought carpet for your home or your business, there is a good chance it came from Dalton, Georgia. Dalton has become the carpet capital of the world, after being the...
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Bread Matters – An inside look at Bakeries | Quality Insight

Reach your weight and quality targets with WinSPC In today’s modern bakery, competitive results are harder to achieve than ever. With bread margins in single digits, tightening a bakery’s operating efficiency and controlling weight variation are keys to product consistency...
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Modernizing Die Casting – An industry inside look | Quality Insight

Modernizing Die Casting with Real-Time SPC If there is an unsung hero in manufacturing, it may be die casting. Die casting is responsible for structural components in an astonishing number of products, such as: cars, mobile phones, golf clubs, prescription...
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Sightline Vision Systems with Integrated Real-Time SPC

100% inspection of your products is much easier to implement than you might expect. (more…)
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Spectrometer Producer Applies SPC to Processes

A spectrometer producer installed WinSPC to leverage existing data collection systems, achieve quality improvements, and improve cross-company understanding of production. (more…)
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Medical Device Manufacturer Adds WinSPC Statistical Process Control

A medical device manufacturer installed WinSPC to get insight into its processes. (more…)
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Saving Money and Time With SPC: Arkwright Inc.

Real-time SPC saves time for both quality control and engineering personnel. "What used to take three days takes one afternoon," said one process engineer. (more…)
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DataNet News & Releases

DataNet Enhances Software Validation Toolkit and Services for WinSPC Quality Control Software | WinSPC News

January 4, 2022 Get Faster and More Cost Effective WinSPC Validation with the IQ and OQ Toolkit (more…)
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Wishing You a Brighter Year Ahead…

Wishing you a brighter year ahead from wintery Michigan. We remain thankful and appreciative of our customers, our partners, and all of you in the WinSPC community. While we all continue to face unexpected challenges that force us to adapt...
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WinSPC 9.0.14 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.14 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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Virtual WinSPC Administrator Training Class

Virtual WinSPC Administrator Training delivers the complete WinSPC Administrator Class curriculum in a formalized online environment using GoToMeeting and your favorite web browser.  The class is structured to replicate the full experience of an in-person training at our Southfield training...
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Wishing You a Wildly Successful Year Ahead

We remain thankful and appreciative of our customers, our partners, and all of you in the WinSPC community. While this last year offered more than its fair share of challenges, we optimistically wish you a super healthy, happy and wildly...
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WinSPC 9.0.12 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.12 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.11 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.11 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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SPC Fundamentals | Video

Statistical Process Control, commonly referred to as SPC, is a method for monitoring, controlling and, ideally, improving a process through statistical analysis. This video contains an introduction to SPC strategies you can use to improve your processes. (more…)
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WinSPC 9.0.10 Has Been Released | WinSPC News

WinSPC version 9.0.10 has been released and is now available for download. (more…)
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Sightline Vision Systems with Integrated Real-Time SPC

100% inspection of your products is much easier to implement than you might expect. (more…)
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