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Real-Time Statistical Process Control

WinSPC is real-time statistical process control (SPC) software used to improve product quality, reduce process variation, and optimize manufacturing processes. WinSPC collects process data from the shop floor and transforms it into real-time, actionable quality information.

With over 2500 installed facilities worldwide, DataNet is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service and support.

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From a company with over 60 years of shop floor experience, DataNet's Solution Delivery services are designed to quickly take your company's real-time SPC program from concept to implementation.

See Your SPC Data In New Ways...

Mobile: access WinSPC data through the WinSPC Envision web portal on any device.

Multi-site Visibility: access any WinSPC installation across the globe.

Interactive: move quickly from dashboard-styled summaries to individual statistical analysis of characteristics and other quality measures.

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Why Real-Time SPC?

Find out about the benefits of real-time SPC in this short video.

What is WinSPC?
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Industries Served

The average WinSPC customer reports that they are able to improve product quality by 20-40 percent within the first few months of installing WinSPC.
Life Sciences
Plastics, Rubber, Packing
Food & Beverage

and Many More...

Professional Services

Integrate WinSPC with ERP, PLM and MES systems for up-to-the-minute manufacturing intelligence.
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Install and standardize SPC software and practices across multiple facilities. Find out more...

Reduce the Cost of Quality

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Reducing the Cost of Quality with Real-Time SPC

Topics covered include:
  • Understanding the Cost of Quality Variable
  • The Role of SPC in Measuring the Cost of Quality
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