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Remote Training Services

DataNet offers built-to-order remote training to fill your needs.

Whether refreshing aging skills learned in initial product training, ramping up new team members or getting operators exposure to the exact system they will use, you now have a custom option to realize your vision.

Remote Interactive Training ($1,200/per 6-hour block)

DataNet hosts online training sessions tailored to your needs. The live, interactive training is customized to cover only the topics you select and is personalized to your specific manufacturing environment. Remote training sessions are scheduled at your convenience and you can include as many online participants as desired. It’s an economical way to get everyone on your team up to speed using WinSPC in your manufacturing environment, or to refresh the team on SPC fundamentals.

Common needs addressed by Remote Training:

1. Engaging operators and administrators with content customized to look exactly like the production floor system. 
2. Creating role-specific training for each group within the production environment. 
3. Educating WinSPC team members with minimal interruptions to their existing commitments and schedules. 
4. Delivering training that is paced to represent the actual adoption process of the software at the production facilities. 
5. Involving everyone in key product training topics, all at one time, regardless of location. 
6. Eliminating the costs for off-site training options.