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WinSPC Administrator Basics - Recorded Training

The essential course for quality managers and anyone who uses WinSPC regularly for purposes other than data collection.

These recordings capture instructor-led training as delivered by DataNet’s senior WinSPC trainer and cover 17 topic areas of WinSPC functionality. The recorded training, together with the accompanying training manual, is both a cost-effective refresher for administrators who have attended the WinSPC Administrator Training course and an efficient way for occasional users to begin learning specialized features. The recordings and training manual are available on media or via download. Price includes unlimited viewing throughout the purchasing facility.

What will the viewer gain from this training?

  • Hands-on experience/practice performing administrative tasks in WinSPC
  • An overview of the various data collection options in WinSPC
  • How to set-up and monitor WinSPC workstations using the Plant Monitor
  • How to filter data and view a variety of charts and data output
  • The ability to use report templates and export reports in different formats
  • How to set up the Cost Inspector to measure the cost of variation and the cost of process offset

Who should complete this training?

New WinSPC users, individuals who will be the key contacts/administrators for WinSPC, or any WinSPC user who is interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of WinSPC functionality.

The WinSPC V8 Basics Recorded Training Content

Training content includes more than 5 hours of video, covering 17 topics in 19 Sessions organized as follows. Duration is shown as (Minutes:Seconds).

- Session 1: WinSPC Environment and Licensing (11:17)

- Session 2: Creating Your First Part (3:15)

- Session 3: Creating a Variable (29:29)

- Session 4: Attributes and Tags (20:33)

- Session 5: Collection Plans (34:16)

- Session 6: Using Serial Devices to Collect Data (21:45)

- Session 7: Collecting Data from Excel (Part 1 – 16:56)

- Session 8: Collecting Data from Excel (Part 2 – 4:27)

- Session 9: Control Tests (10:01)

- Session 10: Triggers (3:39)

- Session 11: The Message Box Trigger (4:34)

- Session 12: Lists (20:36)

- Session 13: Plant Monitor (Part 1 – 0:51)

- Session 14: Plant Monitor (Part 2 – 18:23)

- Session 15: The Variable Analyzer (27:06)

- Session 16: Data Sets (35:02) 

- Session 17: Reporting (23:23)

- Session 18: Users and Stations (21:06)

- Session 19: More Administration (24:38)


  • Basic knowledge of SPC (Such as SPC Fundamentals)
  • An understanding of the corporate objectives for using WinSPC within your company


  • $500/facility for all 17 topics