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Measurement System Assessment

This course is conducted by quality experts and practitioners at Integral Concepts, our training partner. It teaches participants the fundamental concepts and methods needed to assess the capability and reliability of measurement systems. Both the Range and ANOVA methods of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gauge R&R) studies are covered in detail. Knowledge of basic algebra is helpful.

To sign up for this course, contact Integral Concepts at (248) 884-2276.

Location: Your Facility

Seminar Outline

Introduction to Measurement Systems

  • Stability & Linearity
  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Repeatability & Reproducibility
  • Product, Measurement, & Total Variation

Gauge R&R

  • Planning Measurement Assessments
  • Implementation
  • Analysis and %RR

Statistical Process Control for Measurement Systems

  • Xbar, R Charts
  • X, MR Charts
  • Coding Data and Charting

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • ANOVA Approach to Gauge R&R
  • Estimating Measurement System Interactions
  • Comparison of Range and ANOVA Methods

Attribute Measurement Systems

  • Short Method
  • Estimation of Repeatability for Attribute Systems