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WinSPC Administrator

Location: DataNet Quality Systems Headquarters

Length: 4 days

What will the attendee take away from this training?

  • Hands-on experience/practice performing administrative tasks in WinSPC
  • An overview of the various data collection options in WinSPC
  • How to set-up and monitor WinSPC workstations using the Plant Monitor
  • How to filter data and view a variety of charts and data output
  • The ability to use report templates and export reports in different formats
  • How to set up the Cost Inspector to measure the cost of variation and the cost of process offset

Who should attend this training?

New WinSPC users, individuals who will be the key contacts/administrators for WinSPC, or any WinSPC user who is interested in gaining in-depth knowlege of WinSPC functionality.


  • Basic knowledge of SPC
  • An understanding of the corporate objectives for using WinSPC within your company

Course Outline

Day 1

Basics of WinSPC

  • Launching and logging in the software
  • Client-server character of WinSPC

Setting up and creating the basic WinSPC elements

  • Parts/processes
  • Variables and attribute characteristics
  • Tags
  • Blueprints
  • Collection plans

Part, characteristic, and collection plan set up

  • Chart layout options within collection plans

Collecting data

  • Manual data collection using the keyboard

Exercise I

  • Set up parts, variables, attributes, and tags
  • Create collection plans and collect data


Day 2

Devices: Introduction

  • How to configure WinSPC to accept data from gauges or devices
  • Device setup for serial gauge, text file, Excel file, database and other devices
  • What is Timed data collection?

Lists (assignable causes, corrective actions and notes)

  • How and where to assign lists
  • List Inheritance and its effect on the objects at different levels
  • How to manage multiple lists

Exercise II

  • Assign multiple lists and see the effect of blocking/unblocking lists at different levels

Control Tests and Triggers

  • What are control tests and triggers?
  • Types of control tests (subgroup level and sample level)
  • Default and defined control tests, triggers

Control test templates

  • Difference between assigning and applying templates
  • Template inheritance feature

Exercise III: Set up alarms for a part

  • Create part, collection plan
  • Setup control tests and triggers
  • Test alarms in data collection


Day 3

Analysis I: The Query Tool

  • How to filter data by date, time, users, machines, subgroups, tags
  • Query Output and Tools
  • Distribution Analyzer
  • Check the type of distribution the query data follows
  • Histograms, Probability plots for the query data

Introduction to Custom Web Reporter (CWR)

  • Launching CWR from WinSPC or as a standalone product
  • CWR Windows
  • Import data from data file, database
  • Query data
  • Macros and reports
  • Data Mining the WinSPC Database

Print Report

  • Report types for variables, attributes, parts
  • How to create reports and setup cover pages

Data Sets

  • What are Data Sets?
  • Types of Data Sets
  • Annotation present
  • Control limit checks
  • Data collected
  • Object list
  • Object name
  • Specification limit checks
  • Statistics value
  • Statistics value (Advanced)

What is a Data Filter?

  • Data Filtering Options
  • How to use Data sets for filtering parts/variables

Report templates and books

  • What is a report template?
  • How to use report templates
  • How to use Rave to modify an existing template
  • What are Report books?
  • How to use report books to create and run reports
  • Save the output in different formats

Exercise IV

  • Create a Cp/Cpk report for data collected this week with at least one specification limit violation
  • Run the same report for lot number 100

Introduction to The Visual Report Builder

  • Launching the report builder from WinSPC
  • Menus, Toolbar, Event editor
  • Modify an existing Report template
  • Create a new report template
  • How to use report templates to run reports from WinSPC


Day 4

Variable analysis

  • How to analyze multiple variables
  • What is variable analyzer?
  • Cost model setup in part setup
  • Cost inspector – cost of process variability and offset

Exercise V

  • Analyze cost for characteristics in a part
  • Find the maximum cost and ways to reduce cost

The Navigator Setup

  • Activating buttons on the navigator screen
  • Attach useful documents/pictures to menu buttons

Organization, administration and tools

  • WinSPC email system
  • Setting, changing passwords
  • Moving and copying tree items eg. parts
  • System and station settings
  • Create and manage users/user groups
  • Import/export data
  • WinSPC database Import/Export Utility
  • License manager
  • Archive/Restore
  • Emergency Access Recovery
  • Add language
  • Chart color schemes
  • Custom devices
  • Station Status

Plant Monitor: Real time monitoring tool

  • Design new layouts
  • Interpret layouts and determine the state of the process

Equation Builder

  • SPC charts for calculated variables
  • Types of calculations

Intra characteristic
Inter characteristic
Using tags in specifications
Conditional calculations
Table function

Exercise VI: Using equations in WinSPC calculate the area of the part when the length and width are measured

Creating Custom control tests: Subgroup level and sample level

Short run

  • What are short run processes?
  • SPC charts for short run processes
  • Short run process in WinSPC