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Accelerate implementation, lower cost of ownership, and mitigate risk

DataNet Solution Delivery services are designed to take your company's real-time SPC program from concept to reality. We offer the consultants, statisticians, quality engineers, deployment professionals, and application engineers you need to speed the implementation, adoption, and integration of real-time SPC into your organization.



Quality Managers

Leverage DataNet's 60-year legacy in shop-floor quality control and get your real-time SPC program up and running--quickly and cost-effectively. Our experts understand SPC, data collection, and technology, plus they offer years of experience installing SPC software at thousands of facilities across the globe. Let us assist you in putting WinSPC into production at your facility. A sampling of our services include:
  • Install and configure WinSPC
  • Train personnel and increase adoption of SPC software
  • Connect WinSPC with other devices and data sources
  • Create and automate quality reports
  • Perform software validation

Plant Managers

DataNet professionals offer the experience you need to optimize throughput and improve product quality throughout your facility. Our team of professionals will work with your quality managers, process personnel, IT administrators and shop-floor operators to:
  • Solve quality problems
  • Assure measurement system accuracy
  • Assess and implement proper specifications and controls
  • Improve machine tool accuracy and efficiency
  • Automate quality reporting
  • Capture data from machines, devices and data sources into a central location
  • Integrate real-time SPC with your MES or ERP system

Manufacturing Executives

DataNet Solution Delivery services supplement your Quality and IT teams, enabling you to cost-effectively implement and maintain a real-time SPC program across your organization. Our consultants, product specialists, statisticians, and application engineers offer the specialized resources required to:
  • Implement preventative quality control methodologies
  • Design a real-time SPC implementation strategy that will quickly earn the highest return on investment
  • Install and standardize SPC software and practices across multiple facilities
  • Reduce scrap, waste, loss, overfills and/or increase product yield
  • Create and automate manufacturing intelligence reports
  • Integrate WinSPC with ERP, PLM and MES systems for up-to-the-minute manufacturing intelligence
  • Drive the adoption of real-time quality control across the organization