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WinSPC V9 Overview

The much-anticipated WinSPC Version 9 is here. Version 9 reflects an unprecedented effort to touch every aspect of the product in order to improve its ability to solve your problems, become easier to use and easier to own. Here we highlight some of the great new enhancements that you will experience when you upgrade to WinSPC Version 9.

 Download a detailed description of What's New in WinSPC Version 9 (4.6MB 115-Page PDF)

 Download the current Version 9 release summary document ReadMe.pdf (650KB 7-9-Page PDF)

Version 9 has a Contemporary New Look

A completely new look in WinSPC V9

WinSPC V9 has a completely updated look and feel. Actions have been standardized and behaviors simplified throughout. Users gain more control over their workspace with an interface that is new, yet still familiar. The result is a more productive and consistent experience regardless of the task. Visually - A stunning new high-resolution icon set in theme-aware forms conforms to your Windows visual settings more completely. The resulting views more accurately reflect your visual settings and leverage the latest Windows innovations. Functionally - Right click actions and context menus have been expanded and unified throughout to provide a consistent experience regardless of the context. Often your most anticipated request is just a right-click away. Areas such as Archives and the Language Tool have entirely new visual interfaces that more clearly and intuitively represent the options and actions available to you. The tools are not only more powerful but more usable.

Now with Dashboard Visualizations

New dashboard visualizations expand live status flexibility

The new Dashboard Mode will transform how you use WinSPC to align your team with your production objectives. This mode delivers a completely new framework for integrating disparate summary items into a single dynamically ordered view. Dashboards can be used to supplement other WinSPC modes or act as dedicated hands-free status stations. Such hands-free Dashboards can provide an automated “big board” status display that reorders based on data collection events, violation thresholds or time based triggers. Dashboards can contain many different views of a single data collection context or track and alarm on completely new summary relationships created through the power of Data Filters acting on the whole database. Stakeholders or systems that need outputs and alerts based on activity beyond the scope of simple SPC charts will find this to be their ideal tool. As the new foundation for sharing data and production status, look for Dashboards to transform the way you integrate important stakeholders or display timely production status wherever you need it.

Expanded Attribute Analysis, Charting & Reporting

New attribute analysis, charting and reporting tools

WinSPC V9 analysis and dashboard charts provide new drill-down capabilities that permit you to focus on the information underlying regions of interest. Progressively click on chart elements to reveal new sub-charts or their underlying data and statistics. As you drill-down, your progressive filtering is tracked, permitting you to descend to more narrow views yet jump back to previous layers. Version 9 also brings the power of the WinSPC Analysis Engine to Attribute users. Build Attribute focused Data Filters, Data Sets and charts to achieve entirely new views and reports. Leverage Attribute specific tools and tabs within your Data Sets and explore the new Report Designer components available to integrate Attributes into your reporting templates.

New Archiving and Scheduling Capability

A new archiving engine radically expands archive capability

A completely new server-side archiving engine permits sophisticated management schedules and schemes to automate your data retention plans. Not only can they be scheduled for unattended and automated execution, but Archives can now target outside Microsoft and Oracle databases as destinations. These Archive databases can be leveraged directly from the administrator tree using all WinSPC analysis and reporting tools in order to recreate customer reports or to revisit retired production projects at a later date.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

User management can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory

WinSPC now permits integration of its user management system with a local Microsoft Active Directory domain to achieve unified user control and the benefits of single-sign-on. Domain managed stations can have users sign in or out automatically with their activities tracked and logged like traditional WinSPC users. WinSPC users can coexist with or be built from Active Directory user groups and members. Finally the power of user management can reside in the hands of the most appropriate party or be integrated with existing Active Directory user management initiatives and policies.

Updated Database Installation and Windows Security Integration

Tight integration with recent database and Windows Security platform changes

WinSPC Version 9 includes a new installer and integration with Windows User Access Control. Version 9 reflects a great effort to verify against Microsoft installation best practices for platforms like Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services. Likewise support for database platforms such as MS-SQL 2012 and Oracle 11g are fully integrated with Version 9. Seamless upgrades are always a high-priority, with the WinSPC team working to ensure that adding new clients and platforms should be easier than ever.

Expanded File Exchange and Device Integration Handling

Expanded file exchange and device integration options

Often the best integration of two systems is simply a file, and WinSPC V9 has expanded its handling of files that contain configuration information and data to make interoperability even easier. Document interchange that was once only possible through programmatic exchange can now be configured visually. Support for newer file exchange formats such as XLSX has been added and the Dashboard Mode now supports output of information into files when events are detected. So whether you are seeking to integrate configuration information without programming, or seeking timely exchange of event data as the result of alarm conditions, WinSPC Version 9 has been expanded to make your work easier.

New Visual Tools for Localization and Customization

Visual Tools for Localization

A new visual localization and language string editing tool has been created for WinSPC V9. This tool greatly simplifies the process of customizing the user experience for the specific needs of your enterprise. Whether you are simply harmonizing the internal terminology of your organization with the terminology used in WinSPC or creating custom languages to appear for certain users and operators, this new tool greatly simplifies the task of getting you the customized forms and messages that you need. Full language sets are always available for purchase, but if a new language is needed quickly or simple edits are desired, then this tool greatly simplifies the task of modifying what end-users will see and read.

 Download a detailed description of What's New in WinSPC Version 9 (4.6MB 115-Page PDF)

 Download the current Version 9 release summary document ReadMe-902 (650KB 9-Page PDF)