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Publish Quality Reports

Distribute and share shop-floor intelligence across the enterprise

To continuously improve manufacturing operations, management must gain visibility into plant-floor operations, measure quality performance, and quickly transform that knowledge into actionable intelligence. WinSPC and the Custom Web Reporter™ module address these critical issues by enabling teams to efficiently create and publish rich, graphical reports. From a basic shop-floor level process report to highly customized web-based enterprise reports, WinSPC offers out-of-the box and custom capabilities to support your need to quickly share manufacturing intelligence across the enterprise.


WinSPC Custom Reports

  • Transform plant data into manufacturing intelligence
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction
  • Communicate manufacturing quality metrics across the enterprise
  • Save hundreds of hours by scheduling automated analysis, report generation, and distribution of key manufacturing intelligence


Quickly create and publish professional quality reports 
Use the visual report designer and a library of commonly used report templates to quickly create, publish and share professional quality reports.

  • Build hundreds of custom reports using a visual interface, without writing a single line of programming code
  • Publish to PDF and HTML and attach to email in a single click
  • Leverage a library of commonly used report templates
  • Configure your own library of commonly-run reports
  • Quickly produce capability reports, production summaries, certificates of analysis, data listings, continuous improvement reports and more
Create reports, store commonly used templates, retrieve up-to-the-moment intelligence, and automate your time-consuming reporting tasks 
Right-click to preview and print applicable reports for any particular part, variable, part folder, collection plan, or collection plan folder in WinSPC.
Easily generate and distribute reports 
Preview, print, or save your report in a variety of formats. Click the email tool to launch your default mail program with the newly created report as an attachment.
Use the graphical interface to point-click-build custom reports within WinSPC
Use WinSPC's integrated visual report builder to create custom reports to your precise requirements.
Save time by leveraging pre-built reports and templates
Build, customize, save, store and distribute a variety of quality reports out of the box, including:
  • Weekly measurement activity by user
  • Performance against specifications by part
  • Statistical summary by week
  • Yesterday's violation listings
  • Process alignment
  • Variable configuration detail
  • Process variability summary by part
  • Process cost detail
  • Configuration problems
  • Month over month process cost change
Build and save report books to automate routine reporting tasks
The WinSPC report builder allows users to create, edit and store report books, which saves hours of productivity by enabling on-demand reports for customers, management, shipments, suppliers, audits, tracking and more.

Custom Web Reporter Module Custom Web Reporter

WinSPC's CWR™ is an analytics, graphics, and reporting engine used to perform advanced statistical quality analysis and create dynamic, web-based reports. It is designed to quickly deliver customized reports for WinSPC customers that have unique, complex processes. CWR works seamlessly with WinSPC to transform shop-floor data into manufacturing intelligence and publish on-demand, web-based reports.
Point, click and create over 400 advanced reports
Use WinSPC's Custom Web Reporter to point-click-create over 400 advanced quality reports. Over 400 built-in chart styles and formats allow you to quickly create powerful, professional reports full of rich graphics.
Create dynamic reports with a table of contents and drill-down capabilities
Quickly generate a series of HTML reports with a table of contents. Readers can click on charts and graphs to drill-down and get more information and/or analyze complex relationships.
Automate report generation
Schedule CWR to generate routine reports at your desired time intervals, like daily, hourly, or monthly. Use WinSPC to standardize company-wide reporting procedures and/or create quality benchmarks.
Publish reports to the web
Publish reports to HTML on your company's intranet to share product and process information with management, customers, suppliers, or anyone that has access to a web browser.
Export reports to a variety of formats
Export data to a variety of formats, including:

  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk*)
  • dBase, FoxPro, Clipper (*.dbf)
  • QuattroPro (*.wq*, *.wb*)
  • SAS (*.sd2, *.xpt)
  • SPSS (*.sav, *.por)
  • Stata (*.dta)
  • Comma Separated Values (*.csv)
  • Tab Delimited (*.txt)
Create and customize your own reports
WinSPC's CWR module is a customizable reporting tool built on a powerful statistics and graphics engine. The programming interface provides complete control and enables companies with custom processes to:

  • Create custom process management analyses
  • Automate process management
  • Integrate with other applications
  • Access local data, data stored in a central database, or management systems
  • Customize reports using full scripting and programming capabilities
  • Create and store analytical routines
  • Build your own user interfaces such as data entry, dialogs, and menus

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