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Streamline Administration

Power through your daily tasks

WinSPC's interface and productivity features enable you to knock out daily tasks quickly and easily. WinSPC offers a variety of features to simplify how you configure, use, change, and manage your real-time quality control program.


  • Save countless hours spent on administration
  • Easily manage a flexible real-time SPC program
  • Spend less time learning and navigating the software and more time being productive



Create templates to eliminate repetitive actions

Create and apply a unique list of notes, assignable causes or corrective actions to specific operations, processes, parts, or characteristics in your process. You can even drag and drop the list onto multiple part folders to apply it to more than one object at a time.

  • Create an infinite number of lists
  • Drag and drop lists onto part folders, parts, processes, short-run processes, and collection plan folders to apply mass configurations
  • Organize lists in folders
  • Drag-and-drop to quickly create and manage custom lists
Work faster with WinSPC's right-click options

Right-click on nearly any object in WinSPC to access an expansive list of context-sensitive tasks and information. Dozens of commonly performed tasks are only a click away: generating reports, queries, and templates, as well as printing, importing, and exporting.

Globally manage quality rules and violation events

Configure and manage quality rules, violations, and alarms using WinSPC's control test templates. These templates allow you to centrally configure and manage your quality tests, alarms, violations, and triggers for use on any process in your operation.

  • Drag-and-drop control test templates onto variables, attributes, parts, or processes for fast, global configurations
  • Edit one control test template file to apply changes on a global scale
Perform one-touch upgrades

Upgrade your WinSPC stations quickly and easily using the one-touch upgrade feature. Product administrators can upgrade all WinSPC stations from a single network location and view any station's version information from the convenient station status window.