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Manage Plant-wide Performance

Quickly assess plant-wide performance

To increase productivity, empower personnel, and reduce waste, it is critical that your managers be armed with the right information. WinSPC’s Plant Monitor gives plant management, quality inspectors, and manufacturing supervisors a bird’s eye view of shop floor processes, enabling them to resolve problems faster, manage more effectively, and improve plant performance.


  • Gain a bird's eye view of production
  • Identify and correct process errors faster
  • Integrate management and stakeholders with plant floor performance
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Manage by exception
  • Streamline nonconformance processes


Monitor plant-wide performance at-a-glance Monitor plant-wide performance at-a-glance
WinSPC’s plant monitor provides management with a centralized view of all your process data, enabling them to monitor, measure, respond, and improve manufacturing performance at a plant-wide level. It runs on your desktop and displays real-time statistics for each SPC workstation on the network.
Mouse over a workstation to reveal real-time statistics Mouse-over a workstation to reveal real-time statistics
Simply mouse-over a station displayed in the plant monitor dashboard to instantly view detailed, real-time statistics for any process attribute or variable.
View visual alerts for problem areas and acknowledge them from your desktop View visual alerts for problem areas and acknowledge them from your desktop
Immediately become notified of process issues in your plant, such as violations, trending, or nonconformances. The plant monitor displays color-coded alerts for a variety of user-defined scenarios, empowering management to zero-in on and resolve production issues.
Drill down, Investigate and resolve process issues from your desktop Drill down, investigate, and resolve process issues from any desktop
Click on a cell to drill-down and see detailed process information as it appears to the operator on the plant floor. Perform in-depth analyses, investigate exceptions, review control charts, add notations, or edit data directly from your desktop. This gives management the power to resolve issues from any WinSPC workstation on the plant floor or desktop.