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Initiate Events

Quickly resolve process issues, trigger automatic reactions & close the quality loop from "detection-to-correction"

To realize superior manufacturing agility and profitability, manufacturers must do more than identify product and process quality issues--they must quickly respond to and resolve them. WinSPC offers the most "out-of-the-box" events and triggers of any SPC software on the market today. Use WinSPC triggers to alert personnel, execute custom programs, shut down machines, or engage other systems. Whether your requirements consist of simply notifying a supervisor of a nonconformance or triggering a more complex process within a corrective action system--WinSPC allows you to close the quality loop from "detection-to-correction."


  • Shorten time-to-resolution
  • Enable a closed-loop continuous improvement process
  • Ease the cost of compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Enhance continuous improvement, lean and Six Sigma efforts
  • Streamline nonconformance processes


Trigger enterprise-wide alarms, actions or notifications for out-of-control processes
If a process drifts out of control, WinSPC can instantaneously trigger a preconfigured response. For some organizations this response may be as simple as sending an email to a supervisor. For more complex applications, WinSPC may prompt a MES or CAPA system to perform a required action, signal an ERP system to hold materials, email personnel throughout the enterprise, and /or shut down a production line.
Configure out-of-the-box responses to nonconformances using a simple pull-down menu
WinSPC offers more out-of-the-box non-conformance triggers and events than any other SPC software. This saves time and allows non-technical quality personnel the ability to quickly configure and initiate procedures so that the right corrective action is taken. Standard events and triggers include:

  • Display a message box with instructions
  • Launch electronic work instructions from a file on a network
  • Send violation data to WinSPC's event log
  • Prompt operators to enter data, such as corrective actions, notes and/or assignable causes
  • Launch an external .exe file
  • Post data to an external violation log
  • Reject "unreasonable" data that was entered into the system and force an operator to input another reading
  • Send a command to an OPC, OLE, DDE, or serial device
  • Increment an attribute pass/fail count
  • Write data to a text or CSV file
Program a custom trigger to initiate nearly any event
For advanced automation systems, WinSPC can communicate bidirectionally using OLE automation. Some sample triggers and/or events performed by WinSPC include:

  • Initiate context-sensitive corrective action flows in your ERP system
  • Initiate a shut-down command to an intelligent workcell in order to prevent it from continuing to manufacture nonconforming parts
  • Send commands directly to MES/CAPA/ERP systems in response to a nonconformance
  • Implement complex communication protocols to automate data collection from intelligent manufacturing equipment
  • Send complex instructions to an intelligent device that cause it to modify its behavior to bring its outputs back into conformance