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Visibility - A Powerful Window Into Your Process


Full Organization or Supply Chain Visibility.

Viewing remote processes has never been easier. Any WinSPC location is accessed within WinSPC Envision by making a selection in a single drop down menu. Quickly navigate among various local or remote servers to compare how production processes are performing. Any WinSPC server and its data is just one touch away.



Visual Summaries Provide Powerful Discovery.

WinSPC Envision is preconfigured to provide visual overviews of your process data using color-coded graphical summaries.

The WinSPC Chart Matrix view combines variable and attribute data into a single, powerful dashboard. Colors highlight those areas requiring immediate attention and charts can be grouped based on status, violations or key statistics such as Cpk.

A full size, interactive chart is available with an additional touch.  This permits close examination of subgroup details, assignable causes and corrective actions - all without leaving this view. Reviewing production events and their current status has has never been easier.

Monitor Process Capability at a Glance.

The WinSPC Envision Parts in Production view provides a simple way to monitor process capability for the data ranges that you specify. This view combines three interrelated components to explore members with Out of Control or Out of Specification conditions.

Sort or rank parts and processes in the summary table based on factors such as the number of violations, while viewing a concise pie chart characterizing your state of control.

Then dive deeper into the variable data that comprises the table and chart objects. Variable data can be displayed as a histogram with links to five additional views of related information.

If necessary, export the data for integration with your continuous improvement and reporting efforts. 


Performance by Part or Collection Plan.

The WinSPC Process Overview permits performance comparisons among parts or collection plans.  Use it to quickly spot trends and identify issues. Dynamic columns allow quick changes to the order or basis for sorting values.

As with all summary displays, additional detail is available through a single touch or through the use of flyovers on platforms where appropriate.