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WinSPC Envision System Requirements

WinSPC Envision is a web server application that produces reports and views from one or more WinSPC databases.

(1) WinSPC Envision requires a WinSPC installation to host a production database with information about your facility or supply chain partner.

Minimal WinSPC Installation Requirements

WinSPC version 8.0.0 or later
WinSPC databases supported:
 SQL Server 2005 (all editions, including Express)
 SQL Server 2008 (all editions, including R2 and Express)
 SQL Server 2012 (all editions, including Express)
 Oracle 9i
 Oracle 10g
 Oracle 11g 

(2) WinSPC Envision also requires a Windows Server installation to host the web server components that serve all clients.

WinSPC Envision Server Requirements (the web server)

These requirements are for the web server hosting the WinSPC Envision system and processes.  If other applications will be running concurrently on the same web server, then the capacity of that server must be increased to handle the extra load.

For all systems, regardless of the number of users:

Operating Systems (running Microsoft Windows IIS):
 Windows Server 2003
 Windows Server 2008 (32-bit or 64-bit)
 Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

Other System Requirements:
 1 GB of available hard disk space
 Internet Explorer 5 or greater installed on the WinSPC Envision server (required for the XML parsing module)
 ODBC drivers for (as well as network access to) the WinSPC database(s) that will be used as data sources
 If the web server is a 64-bit operating system, you will need to have the 32-bit ODBC drivers installed
 Access to an SMTP server for WinSPC Envision email functionality

Minimum recommended processor and RAM configurations are based on the number of concurrent users.  The RAM represents the additional memory necessary beyond the memory used by the server operating system and other applications:

1 to 10 WinSPC Envision users
 256 MB RAM
 At least a single core 1GHz+ class CPU

10 to 50 WinSPC Envision users
 512 MB RAM
 At least a dual core 1.5GHz+ class CPU

50 to 100 WinSPC Envision users
 1 GB RAM
 At least a dual core 2GHz+ class CPU

We also recommend following Microsoft’s hardware and software recommendations based on the operating system for the server.  The WinSPC Envision server can be considered both a web server and an application server for hardware and software planning.

(3) WinSPC Envision supports a variety of clients including the following tested platforms

DataNet tested client and web browser combinations:

Windows XP
 Internet Explorer 8
 Firefox 24

Windows 7
 Internet Explorer 10
 Firefox 24

Apple iOS 7
 Safari

These operating system and web browser combinations were tested in DataNet's quality assurance lab for proper function.  Omissions from this list do not imply incompatibility with WinSPC Envision.  DataNet support will do its best to assist installations using configurations other than those listed above.

For best results on any platform and web browser combination:

Javascript must be enabled (or permitted for the WinSPC Envision site)
Cookies must be enabled (or permitted for the WinSPC Envision site)

It is always recommended to have the latest service packs and patches installed for your operating system, database, web browsers, and other software.

If you have any questions regarding the system requirements, please contact DataNet technical support by phone (248-447-0140) or by email (