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Interactive views, visible everywhere through mobile access

Your SPC Data in New Ways

Designed to provide you with complete access to your WinSPC data wherever you may be, Envision is a web-based application that delivers overviews and interactive single-click access to supporting data and statistics. This added visibility allows you to quickly view and compare quality metrics throughout your organization or to review data related to critical issues at distant locations.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Ready to use interactive summaries, visualizations and charts permit you to sort and rank data with ease.
  • Advanced filtering options allow WinSPC Envision users to focus on just the data of highest importance or to dive further into the relationships and causes illuminated by summary views and WinSPC events occurring far away.
  • Have more information at your fingertips, even when you are away from your desk or facility, no matter what device you may have available.

Dashboard Summaries

WinSPC Envision turns complex data into high-level summaries that facilitate faster and more powerful decision making. The combination of quality metrics and key performance indicators provide an ideal view of shop floor performance for remote stakeholders and executives. 

Designed for Mobility

WinSPC Envision is optimized for popular mobile browser types and screen resolutions, making it a truly mobile solution. Through this enhanced mobile access, key stakeholders can participate in problem identification and resolution wherever they may be located.

Extending your Visibility

Extending your existing WinSPC software solution with WinSPC Envision is simple. Preconfigured to seamlessly integrate with your existing WinSPC installation, there is no programming required. Your team can be trained for how to connect, setup, and run WinSPC Envision for best performance in less than two hours.

Updates On Demand or On Your Schedule

If anytime mobile access is not enough, WinSPC Envision's built-in scheduler provides notifications or email reports at intervals you determine. The system is completely configurable to make data available to you on your schedule.