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Retain Local System Flexibility

Every bit as flexible and customizable…

All of the flexibility and customizability popular in onsite deployments of WinSPC carries forward to cloud deployments. You’ll see no compromise in your ability to:

  • Choose whether your data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database and configure that database to meet your unique requirements.
  • Customize WinSPC’s interface to mimic interfaces from systems your users are already familiar with.
  • Administer WinSPC independently (create and delete tests, collection plans, dashboards, etc.).
  • Define user groups that suit your processes and precisely control the permissions granted to each group.
  • Import data and part definitions from existing systems.
  • Time upgrades, archives, maintenance, and backups for minimal disruption.
  • Add optional modules such as WinSPC Envision (which enables the viewing of dashboards in a browser).
  • And acquire advanced services from DataNet such as: migrating existing data, developing custom apps, designing specialized reports, and integrating WinSPC with in-house systems.