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Analog FlexPort Gauge Interfaces

Analog FlexPort gauge interfaces are used for connecting analog devices for performing SPC. For pricing information or to determine which hardware is right for your operation, call us at 1-866-4WINSPC or email us at

Analog FlexPort


  • FP-4A: 4 ports
  • FP-8A: 8 ports

Device Support

  • Collect data from virtually any analog device


  • Each input is setup individually with settings for resolution and engineering units (the value that the voltage represents)
  • Analog input +/-10 vdc and/or 4-10 mA inputs
  • Simultaneously combines the signal from multiple tools and converts it to a standardized format (RS232 serial) for collecting into WinSPC
  • 16 bit resolution


  • Standard 5 pin DIN connectors for ease of use


  • Front panel display includes multiple Data Send LED's to signal successful data sending
  • LED's turn on when data is requested; automatically turn off when data has been sent

Sending data
Models 4A and 8A offer two ways to request a reading (Data Send) to be sent to your PC:

  • Footswitch jack (contact closure)
  • Host commands from the PC

Data send capability

  • Trigger a static or dynamic (TIR) reading
  • Trigger all or any combination of ports
  • Send serial requests to a gauge
  • Notify a PC that a data request has occurred

Pass-thru port
additional (DB9M) port

  • Connect directly to a serial gauge and extract 1 to 5 readings from the output
  • Used as a backplane for connecting interfaces to the PC
  • Uses standard cable to connect to the PC; will combine all FlexPort products (digital, serial, analog, display, and more) for up to 99 inputs.

FP-4M: 5.5"(w) x 5.5"(d) x 1.5"(h)
FP-8U: 5.5"(w) x 5.5"(d) x 2.5"(h)

Power - External: 7-9 vdc
Serial output - Standard RS232 at 9600, N, 8, 1
I/O - Footswitch and LED per input
Gauge input - +/- 10 vdc or 4 - 10 mA 5-pin DIN (180 degrees)
Pass-thru port - DB9M extra gauge input or backplane
Enclosure - Durable all metal enclosure
Included - Shipped with power supply and cable to PC