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WinSPC has real-time statistical power that is unbelievably accessible.

Best-in-class real-time power, that's easily mastered.

WinSPC runs in real-time, collecting data on the shop floor, to deliver actionable process information directly to shop floor operators, quality engineers and management.

Manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs while consistently delivering the highest quality product. WinSPC provides a proven, effective way for manufacturers to:

  • Quickly improve quality
  • Reduce variation
  • Monitor for production or process changes
  • Increase the profitability of systems already in place
  • Document compliance with customer and regulatory mandates

WinSPC is the real-time process control tool of choice for manufacturers requiring a best-in-class solution because WinSPC provides deeper real-time SPC capability than add-in quality modules or dedicated process control solutions. This power extends beyond the live context, with all of your captured data available in WinSPC's extensive analysis and reporting functions, or to any analysis tools connected to its open data structures. WinSPC delivers the best high-performance live solution, in an easy to use package that permits open-ended analysis and reporting capability.

WinSPC Envision Server

Envision dashboard templates expand live WinSPC status to all.

See your SPC data in new ways, from wherever you happen to be.

Envision is designed to provide you with complete access to your WinSPC data, from within or beyond your facility. Envision is a web-based application that delivers WinSPC based performance overviews with interactive access to supporting data and statistics. This added visibility allows you to quickly view and compare quality metrics throughout your organization or to review data related to critical issues at distant locations.

QualTrend Manufacturing Portal

QualTrend transforms diverse data sources into quality metrics.

Transform distributed data silos into singular business views.

QualTrend creates single performance views from disparate production databases. QualTrend integrates various datasources and locations, allowing you to develop an enterprise-wide picture of your product and process performance. Designed to be used with or without WinSPC, QualTrend reaches out to virtually any manufacturing database to aggregate and transform your historical or supply chain data into manufacturing statistics, delivered to your browser..

Data Collection Hardware and Interfaces

Quickly and easily integrate your shop-floor devices.

Everything else you need to collect your data.

Automate data entry from your shop-floor workers and devices. DataNet offers the hardware you need to easily connect your gauges, calipers, indicators, micrometers, scales and other devices to WinSPC. DataNet Sales Engineers can specify, deliver and install your entire solution for you. Whether you need help finding a single specialized cable, or you need someone to define and install the entire plant-floor system, we can help.