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“What practical steps can I take to manufacture the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost?”

“How can I quantify the financial value of real-time SPC to gain support for quality initiatives?”

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A fully functional 60-day trial version of WinSPC (by download or in the mail) Our webinars on gleaning the financial benefits of statistical process control and WinSPC Our project tools which help you estimate the ROI you can expect from WinSPC and outline a project plan Arrow
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  • Our webinar, Measuring the Value of SPC. After viewing this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of the financial value of SPC to your business.
  • Our webinar, Your Profit is on the Line. After viewing this webinar, you’ll be armed with five actionable steps toward achieving manufacturing excellence.
  • A WinSPC Project ROI Worksheet. Using this worksheet, you’ll enter information about your operation such as average scrap cost per unit and CpK values for product characteristics. Based on this information, the worksheet will calculate your current cost of quality and estimate the savings you can realize by using WinSPC.

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