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Reduce Defects, Scrap, Waste or Give-away

DataNet customers report they reduce manufacturing scrap, waste, defects or rework by up to 50 percent using WinSPC. WinSPC allows shop-floor operators to monitor product and process quality in real-time, so they are better able to detect, correct, and prevent process variation that causes defects. In addition to reducing scrap, our customers tell us that real-time SPC allows them to:

  • Improve manufacturing yield
  • Increase uptime, capacity and throughput
  • Meet FDA, ISO and TS regulatory requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce manufacturing costs

How a $5 billion manufacturer of indoor comfort systems reduced scrap by 50 percent and continues to “hold onto its gain” using WinSPC and Six Sigma

“WinSPC has the Six Sigma tools that I need to make breakthrough improvements. It also ensures that our improvements simply won’t fade away in a couple months. WinSPC keeps our processes under Control and reduces scrap by 50% annually.”

Black Belt Engineer
Indoor Comfort Systems Manufacturer
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Manufacturing the highest quality refrigerant coils for a variety of cooling systems had traditionally created a costly amount of scrap coils, copper, and aluminum during the manufacturing process, as the quality assurance process was primarily completed after parts had been manufactured. By the time a faulty part was produced, it was too late. To achieve higher product yield and profitability, the company turned to Six Sigma and real-time SPC to build quality control into the manufacturing process.

By using Six Sigma methodologies and incorporating real-time SPC into the manufacturing process, the company was able to diagnose and correct process errors before scrap was produced. The company reported a reduced scrap rate of fifty percent and a return on the software investment within four months.

Reduce your manufacturing scrap, defects, waste and give-away using WinSPC:

  • Chart, control and monitor real-time processes with control charts
  • Sound alarms or alert operators and managers when processes require corrective action
  • Empower operators to take immediate corrective action , or trigger auto-corrective actions
  • Give managers a real-time, birds-eye view of all your manufacturing processes
  • Give your quality team the real-time data and Six Sigma analysis tools to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control your process faster than ever before
  • Give your operators and managers the tools to sustain the gains of Six Sigma
  • Reduce material waste by up to 50% and reduce the environmental footprint of your processes