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Increase Manufacturing Yield

DataNet customers report they have been able to increase manufacturing yield by as much as 50 percent by incorporating real-time visibility, event-management, and analytics into their manufacturing processes. WinSPC provides manufacturers with a simple software tool that makes it easy for shop-floor operators to collect, measure, monitor, and control their processes in real-time. By employing these SPC techniques, in an automated, real-time fashion, many of our customers also report they are able to simultaneously:

  • Increase product quality
  • Improve production capacity
  • Reduce product waste/scrap/give-away
  • Enhance productivity

How one manufacturer increased product yield from 81 percent to 91 percent in three months

“By using WinSPC’s trending capabilities we were able to adjust our process to keep it in control and centered. WinSPC’s plant monitoring capabilities help us to detect problems as they happen rather than waiting for a paper trail.”

Six Sigma Black Belt
Rubber Manufacturer  

A $3 billion rubber manufacturer was experiencing an unacceptable level of first-pass defects at one of its manufacturing plants. The plant produced a wide variety of bushings for several of the company’s automotive clients. The manufacturing process required that engineers monitor and control over 200 active compound formulations. In an effort to improve first-pass yield metrics, the manufacturer began a Six Sigma program that included real-time WinSPC.

The company soon discovered that critical process variations and a faulty measurement system were causing the high number of product defects. The team used WinSPC to collect accurate product measurements and monitor real-time process variation. If a process went out-of-control, WinSPC alerted plant management before defective parts were produced. As a result, the company increased first-pass yields from 81 percent to over 91 percent.

How WinSPC can help you improve manufacturing yield:

  • Correct process defects before they occur
  • Control and monitor process variation in real time
  • Immediately alert operators and managers when a process is trending out-of-control
  • Supply operators with electronic instructions that enable immediate corrective action
  • Perform advanced statistical analysis to identify root causes