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Improve Product Quality

The average WinSPC customer reports that they are able to improve product quality by 20-40 percent within the first few months of installing WinSPC. By implementing real-time SPC at the shop-floor level, operators can identify, detect and correct process errors before a defective product is produced. As a result, our customers tell us they are able to:

  • Lower Defects
  • Reduce product variability
  • Increase first-pass rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve manufacturing yield
  • Reduce scrap, waste, or give-away

How a $1 billion building materials manufacturer improved product quality using WinSPC

“WinSPC integrated easily into our processes and helped improve product quality and reliability. Since implementing WinSPC, we have seen a variance reduction of 39.5%.”

Business Intelligence Manager,
Building Materials Manufacturer
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A quality analyst at one of the nation’s largest building materials manufacturers needed to control and improve the quality of the company’s asphalt shingles. The problem was that each batch of raw asphalt had a notable difference in its quality characteristics. In order to make a high quality product it had to adjust the oxidation process to compensate for the variation. The quality team needed a faster, more accurate method to monitor and analyze the oxidation process. The current method required excessive resources and time, and was prone to failure.

WinSPC gave this analyst that ability. He reported that within four months he recovered the initial investment and reduced variation by 39.5 percent.

How you can improve product quality with WinSPC: