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Food & Beverage

The world’s finest food and beverage manufacturers trust WinSPC for superior manufacturing product and process quality

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are faced with a unique set of manufacturing quality control requirements. Besides basic overfill, net weight, volume and count controls, manufacturers must comply with federal regulations.

Since 1997, DataNet has listened to our food and beverage manufacturers and has continually developed its solutions to meet the unique needs of quality control in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Hundreds of customers can’t be wrong. Find out why they choose DataNet for quality control: request a free trial of WinSPC


Control net weight, over fill, product give-away, overpack and more

Do you know how much product give-away is costing your organization? WinSPC offers the tools for manufacturers to quickly and easily collect real-time production weights, then control it by visually charting the data on a graphical interface. Your operators and plant managers can identify and address process drift in real-time and continuously monitor in-control parameters. Within the first 90 days, our customers tell us that they are able to dramatically improve process performance to target and reduce variability. Plus, WinSPC provides a host of reporting options that can demonstrate to executives the value of a real-time SPC program--adding dollars to your company’s bottom line. Some special support for the food and beverage industry includes:

  • Connect to most weights, scales and balancing
  • Features to support NIST 133 and National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) standards
  • Alerting/alarming for out-of-control processes
  • Analyze, detect and control the variability that causes over/under fill 


Comply with FDA regulations

Electronic signatures, software validation, and traceability are just a few of the requirements that the FDA demands of food and beverage manufacturers in the USA. WinSPC was built to deliver these capabilities, making it easy for manufacturers to become compliant while improving their overall product and process quality. Plus, DataNet offers experienced Six Sigma and SPC black belts for expert software validation services.

  • Audit trail monitoring system changes
  • Traceability via a single Event Log
  • Electronic signatures and records
  • Advanced security control and password protection
  • Quality & summary reporting
  • Centralized data storage in a single SQL database


Why DataNet services can increase your project’s success rate

The hardest part in deploying an SPC system is putting the processes and people in place to support it. With WinSPC, you have the access to our trained staff of experienced professionals. Whether it's program-development, training, or system-integration, our team of application specialists, Six Sigma black belts, trainers, SPC experts and programmers will support you every step of the way. DataNet offers a variety of services to support your quality goals.


Some of our Food & Beverage Manufacturing customers include:

  • Crest Foods
  • Ferrara Pan Candy
  • Kraft Foods
  • Masterfoods
  • Minute Maid
  • Nestle-Purina Pet Care
  • Sara Lee 
  • The Hershey Company
  • Tropicana
  • Welch's
  • See More