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Will Real-Time SPC Boost My Bottom Line?

Discover if real-time SPC is right for your organization

Is real-time SPC right for your company?

One way to tackle this question is to analyze the return on investment (ROI) you can expect. To assist you with this, DataNet has prepared a Project ROI WorksheetRegistration RequiredArrow>. You can use this worksheet to:

  • Understand your current cost of quality
  • Estimate your potential savings

If you would like an orientation to this worksheet and the key concepts associated with an ROI analysis, watch our Measuring the Value of SPC webinar.

Why conduct an ROI analysis?

Clearly aligning a real-time SPC program to your company’s bottom line is fundamental to winning program support in any organization. Many engineers launch SPC programs because “it’s the right thing to do.” These SPC programs sometimes fail or become underrated. It's been our experience that many fledgling SPC programs neglect to:

  • Measure the program's success in terms that financial executives understand
  • Focus the appropriate amount of effort on the area of highest opportunity

Quality teams who do not neglect these steps report they achieve greater success and broader company support for their project. DataNet's consultants are experienced at capturing and quantifying the “hard-to-measure” benefits of quality programs. This approach has helped our customers develop winning plans that resonate with management and directly impact the bottom-line.

Download the Project ROI Worksheet Registration RequiredArrow>or watch our Measuring the Value of SPC Registration RequiredArrow>webinar.

Manufacturers embrace real-time SPC as a lean manufacturing software tool. Why?

Of the 80 percent of manufacturers who have a continuous improvement program in place, 35 percent have adopted a Lean Manufacturing or Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma) program, according to a study performed by ARC Advisory Group.

ARC defines Lean Manufacturing as a set of proven methods and practices that focus on engaging the people who do the work to continuously improve business performance by reducing waste. Of the companies that use Lean Manufacturing, over 40 percent report they use statistical process control software to support their program.

Learn more about SPC and Lean Manufacturing by reading DataNet's Ask-The-Expert article, My company is instituting Lean systems, or learn about jump-starting a "mini" Six Sigma quality program.