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WinSPC Overview Videos

An Overview of WinSPC (about 4 min)
View a high-level introduction to the core concepts in WinSPC. (WinSPC V9)
Capturing Data and Generating Alarms (about 2 min)
Check out the many ways WinSPC can automate real-time data collection. (WinSPC V9)
Monitoring and Analyzing with Dashboards (about 3 min)
See how WinSPC dashboards are used for process monitoring and analysis. (WinSPC V9)
Generating Reports (about 2.5 min)
See just how many reports are available with WinSPC and how easy it is to run them. (WinSPC V9)

WinSPC Instructional Videos

How To -- Setting Up to Capture Data: The Basics Setting Up to Capture Data: The Basics (about 2 min)
Learn the two steps required to get started with WinSPC. (WinSPC V9)
How To -- Setting Up to Capture Data: Alarms Setting Up to Capture Data: Alarms (about 2 min)
See how to configure and use WinSPC alarms. (WinSPC V9)
How To -- Setting Up to Capture Data: Devices Setting Up to Capture Data: Devices (about 2 min)
Quickly setup WinSPC to capture data from Excel files and other sources. (WinSPC V9)
Uncovering Hidden Manufacturing Costs Uncovering Hidden Manufacturing Costs (about 6 min)
Discover a new way to calculate your process' manufacturing costs and quantify how much of those costs could be saved by improving the process.

In this video, you'll be introduced to the Cost Inspector, a patented analysis tool introduced in WinSPC V8. You'll see how to prioritize process improvements using a cost-savings analysis, how to identify your optimal process set point in terms of cost, and how to calculate what you could save by reducing variation. (WinSPC V8)

Exploring the IT Aspects of a WinSPC Implementation (about 3 min)
Gain an understanding of the support typically requested from IT personnel in an on-premises implementation of WinSPC. (WinSPC V9)

WinSPC Workshops and LIVE Recorded Videos

WinSPC Workshop: Dashboard Introduction WinSPC Workshop 1: Dashboard Introduction (about 26 min)
This workshop focuses on various use-cases and configuration options for the new dashboard features in Version 9. (WinSPC V9)
WinSPC Workshop: Exploring Datasets WinSPC Workshop 2: Exploring Data Sets (about 25 min)
Brad and Frank explore use cases for the 100+ template Data Sets available in WinSPC, then walk through how to build your own Data Set using simple filtering options. (WinSPC V9)

Launch: WinSPC Version 9 Guided Preview WinSPC Version 9 Guided Overview (about 15 min)
Brad Armstrong and Frank Tappen take you on a tour of the Version 9 functionality. (WinSPC V9)
Launch: WinSPC Envision Guided Preview WinSPC Envision Guided Overview (about 19 min)
Brad Armstrong takes you on a tour of common uses for WinSPC Envision. (WinSPC V8)
Your Profit is on the Line Your Profit is on the Line (about 58 min)
Five practical steps to manufacturing the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost with Integral Concepts, DQS and Quality Magazine. (WinSPC V8)
Webinar: Measuring the Value of SPC Measuring the Value of SPC (about 30 min)
Lessons for documenting the monetory value of SPC to justify the investment. (WinSPC V8)

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